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Are OXA cases MagSafe compatible?

Oxa Wallet Cases and Snap-On cases are fully compatible with MagSafe and other MagSafe accessories. Please don't forget that MagSafe Feature is only for iPhone 12 or newer versions.  For the detachable wallet case, you need to remove the wallet part

Will there be marks on cases due to usage of MagSafe?

If you frequently use your MagSafe charger, you could see a small patina ring on the back of the case. This is entirely usual.

Is Oxa screen protector compatible with my phone?

If you are buying a tempered glass screen protector with a phone case then your selected screen protector will automatically match the case model/size. Our team is adjusting it for you. If you are looking only for tempered glass then kindly inform us

Can I both use a screen protector and Oxa cases?

Tempered screen protectors work well with our cases in general, especially those without curved edges.

How many cards can I put in Leather Wallet Case?

The case has 4 slots that can hold a total 4 cards and one roomy pocket for cash, receipts, business cards, and other items.

Is the Detachable Wallet Case magnetically fastened with a flap?

Yes, they are. With the magnetic closure, you can feel the safety even more!